Table Top Racing Premium Edition Review


When it comes to racing games on the iOS the selection definitely isn’t sparse. This typically leads consumers to pick whichever game looks the most polished. Table Top Racing Premium Edition is one of those polished-looking racing-games, but thankfully it’s pretty great too! Developed by Playrise Digital, Table Top Racing brings console-quality graphics to the iOS in a miniature-style reminiscent of ‘Micro Machines’. Let’s Take a look at Table Top Racing Premium Edition:


A Miniature Racing Game, Jam-Packed With Gameplay.

– Amazing graphics with zero lag.(Played on iPhone 6.)
– Choose between Touch-Control or Tilt-Control. (Auto-accelerates, while you control the turning.)
– 17 different unlockable and upgradable cars.
– Tons of different styles of races and special events.
(Time trials, Battle Races, Championship Races and more.)
– Gain Coins and XP from winning races, to unlock cars and upgrades.
– Use various power-ups to crush your opponents. (Boosters, Homing-Missiles, Shockwaves, etc)
– 8 different ‘reversible’ race-tracks.
– Supports MFI controller


– Tweet about your unlocked cars and achievements.
– Compatible with older iOS 5.0 devices.
– In-app purchases for coins, which unlock cars & upgrades faster.
– Local and Game Center Multiplayer. (Up-to 4 Players)

– Race-track path can be hard to see, due to the background elements being too elaborate.
– The upgrade system doesn’t allow you to control which aspects of your vehicle you get to upgrade.


My first impression of this game was quite good. I was glad the game wasn’t limited to tilt-control, which is something that typically annoys me with a lot of iOS racing-games. The graphics totally blew me away and for the amount of action that happens during a battle-race, there was ZERO slow-down or lag. There is almost an overwhelming amount of different races and race-types to choose from, which made it feel like I really got my money’s worth (Caught it on sale for 99cents). There was only two issues I had with this game. My first issue is that the racetrack can be obscured by the elaborate background, leading to tons of screw-ups. My second issue was that the upgrade system just chooses a random stat to upgrade, instead of allowing you to choose the stats you want. Overall, I had alot of fun playing this game and am still blown away with each play-through by how good the graphics look.


Table Top Racing Premium Edition is a visually stunning combat-racing game providing hours of entertainment. There are more than 30 different competitive races, 6 different race modes and 17 different upgradeable vehicles, that ensures you’re getting your money’s worth. Unlike the free-to-play version, the Premium Edition’s prices for upgrades and cars have been reduced by 50%, so you won’t have to make any In-App purchases, that is unless you’re impatient. If you’re looking for a solid racing game to play on-the-go I’d HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!



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