The Diablo of the iOS Star Wars Games – Star Wars Uprising Review


Star Wars Uprising Review

There are as many Star Wars games as there are actual stars in the galaxy, due to its very iconic and flexible lore. At this point the average person has lost track of any single pin-point on the Star Wars time-line within these games, so the main component of any of the billion games has to rely on the game-play. This is especially certain of iOS Star Wars, which you know they won’t get their supreme league of writers to create a lush story. That being said the game-play within the iOS Star Wars games has been successfully fun and fulfilling. With this newest release they really hit the nail on the head and has me calling it “The Diablo of the iOS Star Wars Games”.


My Character’s Inventory

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

– Looting is ever so satisfying.
– Level up characters and gear.
– Variety of special attacks to spice things up.
Online Co-Op gameplay.
– Doesn’t force or require in-game purchases.
– Works great (played on the iPhone 6.)
– Daily special events (Battles, missions & runs).
– Build a crew and send them out to bring you goodies.

– “Design” your character.
– Special Moves are a bit hard to control.
– Buy “Chromium” for real money (Its the games version of Gems, Stars, Currency).


– Older iPhones and iOS devices struggle to play it (Reported Crashing).


Using Special Attack

This is a really GREAT game for its price tag of FREE. At first I was a bit hesitant, cause it is a “tap-action style” game (tap to move, attack & interact), but once special attacks and loot were introduced I was hooked. It has a surprising amount of depth with its RPG elements such as the leveling and customization of your weapons/armor, crew building & even side quests. The special events really remind you to keep you coming back to the game with its benefits of new items and victory points. Of course all of these factors really remind me of the Diablo games, due to very similar concepts and mechanics. Overall, I will actually continue playing this game!

If you are a fan of Star Wars this game is a must-have! Even if you aren’t this game still serves well as a RPG for iOS, just as long as you are a owner of a newer iOS device.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁



Star Wars Uprising Review
  • Final Rating



- Looting is ever so satisfying.

- Level up characters and gear.

- Variety of special attacks to spice things up.



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