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Sonic Dash 1 & 2 Review

Sonic the Hedgehog has been a videogame icon for decades now, but for the past few years has been notoriously programmed into pure disaster *COUGH (Sonic 2006, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, Sonic Heros, etc). This reoccurring  theme of bad games has become routine for the Hedgehog, setting the bar low and making us reminisce days of the 16-bit Sega era . Just like any washed-up celebrity, he now finds himself in mediocre titles as a cash-grab , using his iconic image to attract people into his web.  Sonic Dash and Sonic Dash 2: Boom , are evidence to this fact, by being void of any creativity, and being mediocre Temple Run clones. Lets take a look at what they should’ve called “Temple Sonic” or “Sonic Run”.

Sonic Dash
Sonic Dash: Cost: FREE (With in-game purchases).

Sonic Dash 2: Boom: Cost: FREE (With in-game purchases).


Sonic Dash :

– Watch yourself advance on over-world map.
– Play as various Characters like: Amy, Tails, Knuckles & Shadow etc.
– Use Rings to upgrade your Character.
– Boosters to collect and aid during runs.
– Boss Fights with Dr.Eggman & Zazz.
– Fun to go fast with the dash.

– Mission/Challenges to complete each run.
– Daily Bonuses (usually a booster).
– Choose your path during your run. (Barely any difference)
– Multiplayer Challenges (no one is online though).
– Share a video of your run on social media. (haha).Sonic Dash Zazz Boss
– Great looking game.

– Can’t charge your spin, if you want to go fast.
– Repetitive as HELL.
– Laggy, which is terrible for precision moments.
– Loops are far in-between.

Final Rating: 3

Sonic Dash 2: Boom:
Sonic Dash 2: Boom
– Play as various Characters like: Amy, Tails, Knuckles, etc.
– Swap Characters during your run (takes forever).
– Collect and upgrade sprites (boosters).
– Daily Mission/Challenge/Events, with bonuses.
– Less Lag than the first.

– Get gifts in your in-game message inbox.
– Tilt-control gameplay during bonus sections.
– Great looking game.

– Even MORE repetitive as the first.Tilt-Control Bonus.
– No loops or twists, just straight running.
– No more boss fights.
– No more progression map.

Final Rating: 2

I’ve always been a fan of Sonic ever since the Sega Genesis days, but my rule of thumb for Sonic has been: if it’s not a 2d-platformer its probably bad. This of course has prevented me from wasting hard-earned dough on bad games, so I was intrigued by the free-to-play model, offered with the infamous icon. I’ve decided to review both of them at once, cause I actually find Sonic Dash 2: Boom quite a downgrade from the first. It seems they’ve took out a lot of the elements from the first one such as: boss battles, loops (even if they were sparse), twists and turns and the progression map (makes you feel like you’re going somewhere). Sonic Dash 2, however is a smoother less buggy/laggy experience from the first one, but overall I enjoyed Dash 1 a lot more. The major thing both these games lack is the speed and thrill of Sonic games, which is one of the biggest elements. Ironically, Boom feels even slower.

If you enjoy the Temple Run Style game play of jump, dodging and ducking; as well as being a fan, then these games can be of interest. Just don’t expect anything other than a mediocre experience, also you have to decide whether you want a more eventful experience with Dash 1 or a stripped-down smoother experience with Dash 2.

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Sonic Dash & Boom Review
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- Both Games are Free-to-play
- Sonic Dash 1 is a more eventful game.
- Sonic Dash 2 is a more smoother running game.



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