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LoryStripes Review

One of the best aspects of digital photography is the ability to manipulate reality (evil laugh). Everyone knows that Photoshop reigns supreme when it comes to this process, but of course new and easier ways to perform such tasks keep happening more and more. LoryStripes is an app created by developers over at Pixite, which provides the ability to composite ribbons and other objects into your photo straight on your iOS device. It does this by treating the ribbon as an object in 3D-space, allowing you to rotate, move and scale to fit your picture perfectly. Sounds GNARLY, right? Let’s take a look:

To Ribbon or Not to Ribbon?

Cost: $1.99 USD ($2.79 CAD)

Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


– Easily composite 3D ribbons into any photo.
– 30+ designed ribbons and also a few objects to choose from.
– Move, rotate and scale ribbons in 3D-space to match the
perspective of your photo.
– Choose from 70 different ribbon colors.
– Choose the direction of the ribbon’s light source or choose a mixing-mode.
– Super helpful masking tools to enhance your composite.
(Weave ribbons behind objects in your image.)
– Add multiple ribbons to your images.
– Includes Pixite Source within the app.
(Pixite Source has images, textures and overlays for your edits.)

– Purchase extra stripe packages. (All Packs: $1.99 USD.)
– Export directly to Social-Media. (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.)lorystripes review
– Shuffle the ribbon style and position. (Isn’t useful in really any situation.)
– Transfer your edit to Pixite’s other Photo Apps. (Union, Fragment, Matter, Shift, etc.)

– Can’t fine-tune the direction of the light-source or have multiple light-sources.(Only Up, Down, Right and Left.)

I recently bought this app as part of a package deal, which included some of the other Pixite photo-editing apps (Union, Fragment, Matter, Shift, etc.). Initially, I was impressed with how you can control the ribbons like 3D-objects in real-time with the touch-screen controls of the iPhone. This makes it super easy to place the ribbon exactly where you want and allows you to match the perspective of the photo with relative ease. The shading of the ribbon also updates in real-time, so you can see where the extrusions bends and corners are. You can change the color or the ribbon with the 70-different colors to choose from. Unfortunately there is no color-wheel, but there’s pretty much all the color’s you could ask for. In terms of the light-source, I wish you could control it like how you can control the ribbon. Instead, there are four options up,down,left and right. This is the only bummer about this app, cause if you have a diagonal light-source in your image then the shading of the ribbon will be off. There’s also a few different mixing-modes, which removes the shading of the ribbon and makes it a 2D design. The masking mode works quite fantastically, due to the red-overlay showing you what has been masked. Plus, you can choose a hard or feather brush, to get either hard-edges or fade. Overall, I really like this app and partnered up with the other apps by Pixite it works as a pretty SWEET mobile workflow!


LoryStripes is a cool lil’ photo app, which provides an accessible way to create images like a professional Graphic Designer. The ability to rotate, scale and move pre-designed ribbons in 3D-space helps save time and knowledge to create the effect in Photoshop. If you’re looking to step-up your photo-game…I Highly Recommend it!

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