Interactive, Particle, Thingy – Uzu for iPad Video & Review

Interactive eye-candy is something everyone loves, though it has a very short amusement half-life. What if you could customize every parameter, would the entertainment factor increase maybe for a hour or two? Well, with Uzu we are able to answer this question, due to it’s extremely customizable “fully dynamic generative particle system”. Lets take a look at what Uzu has to offer:

– EXTREMELY customizable.
– 21 Different particle animations.
– A bunch of different particle controllers such as: reflect, rotate & transform.
– Freeze draw to get the perfect still.
– Customize your control with number of fingers touching the screen.
– 42 pre-made particle systems.
– Create and Save your own particle systems.
– Export stills.
– Shuffle button helps create random combos.


– Costs $2.29 US.
– In-app help button.
– Stills aren’t high resolution.

– Can’t record video.
– Using multiple fingers triggers iPad gestures (closes the app).

Originally, I discovered this app when I was searching for a new kaleidoscope design app and thought it was a simple drawing app. I was instantly hypnotized at what I saw and was sucked into all the possible combos you can make. Pretty much every aspect of the app is customizable, which gives it much more usability then some of the other more barren particle apps out there. The only real bummer is you can’t record video of the app in-use, which would’ve even more so increased the usability. However if you have screen recording software for your computer it isn’t an issue. Overall, I didn’t regret this purchase at all and it still remains as my favourite particle app.

A good app to listen to music to and zone out, also a good iPad show-off app. Also, if you have a screen recorder for your iPad then the app will have more use to create some cool visuals.



Uzu for iPad Review
  • Final Rating:


- EXTREMELY customizable particle systems.
- Can't record video.



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