An Endless Ghost Consumption Maze – Pac-Man 256 Review


Pac-Man 256 Review

Pac-Man has been munching on pac-dots, power-pellets, fruit and ghosts, since the Wooden-Panel Arcade Machine. The simplicity of Pac-Man’s game-play allows him to transcend through history, popping-up literally on every possible video-game-playing device. Pac-Man has now decided to appear on IOS devices & Android, but this time with a modern look and a self-awareness, that shouts-back to Pac-man’s roots. Pac-Man 256, takes what makes the classic games so great, tosses in new game-play elements and a never-ending maze to survive. How does it all hold up? Lets take a look:

– Move forward through stageless/endless Maze.
– New modern look that doesn’t stray from the Classic Pac-Man.
– Old-school 256th Stage Glitch forces you forward.
– Touch-screen swipe-control works perfectly.pac-man-256
– Unlock power-ups by doing good and collecting Pac-Dots.
– Fifteen different power-ups including: Classic Power-pellet, Laser, Ice, Bomb and more!
– Collect Coins to upgrade your power-ups.(Makes them last longer)
– Special 256-pac-dot-combo kills all the ghosts.
– Free credits (6 max) generate every 10-mins.
– Completely Free-To-Play with no power-ups.

– Buy unlimited credits for $4.99.
– Old-school Level Skin for $.99.
– Earn “gifts” (Coins) from watching ads.
– Earn credits from watching ads.
– Controller Compatible.


– Only six credit maximum. (Doesn’t affect short-term playing.)


It’s not very often I think about Pac-man, especially with the never-ending supply of new video-games being released. However, Pac-man 256 does a wicked job at taking the classic game and modernizing it for mobile devices. For one, the game looks great. The isometric-view takes Pac-man out of the flat two-dimensional world and brings him into the 3rd dimension, without any compromises to the game-play. The swipe control works fluently with touchscreen devices, so you never anyone to blame, but yourself when Pac-man explodes. Instead of collecting every single pac-dot on a stage, Pac-man 256 has an endless maze to survive. This destroys any repetitiveness that is found in earlier games and gives an unique experience each and every-time you play. Unlockable power-ups have you returning to the game to collect pac-dots, so you can hopefully survive for longer each run. Not only do you have to avoid the ghosts, but the 256-glitch begins to consume the bottom of the level if you aren’t moving fast enough. One of my favorite things in the game is the 256-dot combo, which makes all the ghosts explode; it’s pretty much the equivalent to a Pac-man Home-run. To sum it up, I love Pac-man 256, it has become my go-to pick-up and play game for the in-between moments of the day.

Pac-man 256, is an upgraded, throwback to the original Pac-man Arcade. It offers additional game-play mechanics like: new power-ups, endless maze running and the infamous 256 glitch to dodge. All these elements combined create an entirely new way to play this classic game. Pac-Man is still cool in 2015.Highly Recommended!

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Pac-Man 256 Review
  • Final Rating:


- Fifteen Different Power-ups to Unlock.
- Free credits (6 max) generate every 10-mins.



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