Iphone Screen Capture on Mac For Free! – How-to

iPhone Screen Capture

iPhone Screen Capture

Recording your iPhone & iPad screen directly is a much better practice than setting up your video camera to try to capture what you see on your screen. There have been a raster of various jailbreaks and paid third-party software, causing you to either put your device at risk or empty your wallet to get iPhone screen capture. A little known fact is: ever since the Yosemite upgrade and Lightening Cable iOS devices, you can do it for free! Heres how:

*Note for Windows Users, which is me most times I recommend: X-Mirage (iOS 9 broke it, so review and how-to on a later date and/or till they come out with a update.)
QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player

Step 1: Plug your Lightening Cable iOS device into your OS X Yosemite(or higher) Mac Computer and open up QuickTime Player.

Step 2: Select < File < New Movie Recording. Your iSight Camera will pop-up with your pretty face on it, just ignore it.
File < New Movie Recording.

File – New Movie Recording.

Step 3: Click on the small dropdown arrow to select your device, whether it be your iPhone or iPad. If you want to record audio from your iPhone or iPad select you can do-so. Also, you can change the quality of the recording under the same dropdown menu.


Select Your iOS device, Audio Input and Quality.

Select Your iOS device, Audio Input and Quality.

Step 4: Hit record and do your thing! Once you’re finished GO < File < Export and save it as a .MOV.




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