Save Your Iphone Battery Percentage With These FIVE Tips! – How to


Save Your Iphone Battery Percentage With These FIVE Tips! – How to

Do you ever find yourself carrying around your usb cable, constantly looking for a power outlet and having to put your iPhone on life support? Besides cracking your phone open to replace the battery or attaching a big beautiful battery pack case to it, here are a few tips to help save your iPhone battery percentage without disabling everything:

Quick note: If you want to see or hide your battery percentage from the top right corner go Settings < General < Usage and at the top you’ll see a battery percentage switch that you can toggle on and off.


1)  Classic Screen Brightness Tip:
Probably the most obvious is to turn down your screens brightness, which actually helps save quite a bit of battery life.


The FIX:
You can do this by going into Settings < Display & Brightness, then switching off auto-brightness and sliding the bar, so it isn’t cranked up all the way. You can also quick access your screens brightness controls by swiping up from the bottom of your screen, though you cannot access the auto-brightness switch from there.

Iphone bottom menu

IPhone bottom menu






Location Services.

2) Sneaky Background GPS & Frequent Locations:
Some apps just love to know where you are at all times. This happens when you  allow access your location even when you are not using the app. Then the frequent locations is on by default.

The FIX:
Go Settings < Privacy < Location Services, then scroll down and all the apps  that are marked “Always”  for allowing location access, change to either “While Using the App” or “Never”. By toggling off  “always know your location” it will help save battery power due to the constant background gps tracking even for the apps you aren’t using. This especially is important, cause a lot of the apps ideally don’t need to know where you are at all times.

To turn off the frequent locations go Settings < Privacy < Location Services < System Services (Located near the Bottom) < Frequent Locations (Again near the bottom), then switch it off.




iPhone bluetooth.

iPhone Bluetooth.


3) Bluetooth Consumption:
Having your Bluetooth on is another battery consumer. Nine times out of ten you’re probably not using it ( Unless you’re one of those studs with a Bluetooth headset constantly in your ears).

The FIX:
Go Settings < Bluetooth and switch it off.




4) Leave the house with Wi-Fi off.
Don’t get me wrong Wi-Fi is a God send when wanting to save Data, but if you’re out and about, it continuously searches for signals to hop on. Naturally this background process drains battery.

The FIX:
Either go Settings < Wi-Fi  and switch it off. OR ( just like the screen brightness), swipe up from the bottom of your screen to display the quick menu.

Iphone bottom menu

IPhone bottom menu




5) Update Update Update:
Apple is constantly coming out with updates that help improve iPhone proficiency, which includes saving battery power.

The FIX:
The iphone will prompt you to update when a new iphone comes out, but you can also manually check for updates by going Settings < General < Software Update.


update iphone

Update iPhone.




Final Note:
Using these tips will help with your iPhone Battery Percentage, though if you have a older model iPhone the real issue may be the degradation of the battery over time, which would lead to either replacing the battery or attaching a battery pack/case to it.

You can also monitor which apps are hogging all the battery juice by going Settings < General < Usage < Battery Usage. With this in mind you can keep note on which apps you stay away from, when you’re in desperate need of battery.


IPhone battery percent usage.




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