One-Thousand Filters to Throw on Your Images – ColorBurn Review

One-Thousand Filters, One-Thousand Images:


Colorburn Review

Who doesn’t love photo-filters? They can take any ordinary image and completely change the story, vibe and visual appeal. There are an endless amount of photo-apps with filters on the App Store, but one sticks-out more than the others. One that has one-thousand different filters to apply to your images. This is of course, Colorburn. Not only does Colorburn provide one-thousand filters, but also many ways to combine them via filter-grids and adjustments. Is this the be-all and end-all photo editing app for you? Lets take a look:

– One-Thousand photo filters. For a dollar!
– Easily & quickly swipe through filters to find which ones looks best on your image.
– A great user-Interface for the mass amounts of filters. (Never seems over-whelming)
– Filters categorized via styles (cateye, retro,poster,romantic, pure, mono, rainbow, vivid, unique, invert & favorites)
– All filters can be used Live-On-Camera.
– Filter-Grids. (have slices of different filters on one image)
– Filter-Grids can be used Live-On-Camera as well!
– Adjust filter opacity.
– Special frames/shapes for your image.

– Favorite the filters you like best.Images-ColorBurn-Review4
– Other Filter Grid packs for $.99 each.
– Not for people looking for serious photo-editing. (Filters are fun & colorful.)


– Editing aspect is a bit shallow. (Very Basic additional editing)
– Exported image’s receive a noticeable compression. (300DPI images turn to 72DPI)

Oh boy, I love photo-editing apps. When I came across ColorBurn on the App Store, I knew I had to download it. One-thousand filters had me a bit skeptical, but the price was so fair that there was really nothing to loose (Besides a buck). My first impression of the app was excellent, I LOVE the user-interface of this app. You swipe through the filters as they are simultaneously being applied to your photo, as well as you can look at mass slices of filters on your image. The way they implemented this system is smart, smooth and never has you dreading the adventure to find new filters. Swiping through the different filters also works on other aspects of this app like the filter-grid and live-camera, which is super convenient. All the filters are numbered, but you don’t even need to remember the numbers, due to the favorite button, which stores your favorites in their own section. Some of the filters are pretty wild, colorful and psychedelic, which may be a issue for some looking for serious photographers. For me, I love the crazy colors and filters, cause they help inspire new looks and ideas for future photo edits. When it comes to other aspects of editing or adjustments, there are a few different sliders and options, but they are a bit weak. Overall, I think ColorBurn is a great app! And thanks to the awesome interface going through the colorful filters is actually fun and exciting.


Colorburn is JAM-PACKED with colorful opportunity! The app may lean toward the fun-side of photography, but I recommend everyone check out. Plus, it only costs $.99 USD!

1000 filters / 1 USD = 0.0001 USD per FILTER!




ColorBurn Review
  • Final Rating:


Cost: $.99 USD
- One-Thousand photo filters. For a dollar!
- Easily swipe through filters to find which ones looks best.
- Editing aspect is shallow. (Very Basic additional editing)
- Exported image receives a noticeable compression.



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