Never too late to learn – How to Delete An App

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How to Delete an App

The other day my father was using his Ipad Mini that my siblings and I bought him for Christmas.I peered over his shoulder to see the insane amount of apps that covered his screen. I then was inspired to write this article. Though insanely easy to do, this will be a resource for the newbies of IOS just like the title says “Its never to late to learn!”

Lets get started with how to delete an app (Iphone, Itouch & Ipad):

1) Press & hold the app icon that you would like to remove:

Delete app Hold



2) You will see all your apps begin to wiggle & a little “x” will appear on the top left.


Delete app icon
Press the little “x” and you will be prompted with a notice asking “are you sure”

Delete prompt

3) Press delete and thats it!
Another way to delete an app is to go to:
Settings < General < Usage < Manage Storage
You will see a count of your used and available storage will be at the top, as well as a list of all your apps with how much space they take up. You can then press on an app and see info on the space and the delete an app button.




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