Thee Worst Flappy Bird Ripoff Marathon pt.2 – Video & Review

In the video I play through all these BRILLIANT Flappy Bird Hybrids. This selection of Flappy Bird games I chose are specifically the 2.5/3D versions of the games. Bad games do have a certain charm and are almost like works of art. They act almost like reminders of what really makes games great. Below are some further break-downs and summary’s of these works of art.



Flappy Pig Bird 2:
Flappy Pig Bird is a sequel no one asked for, but it’s also a sequel to a previous non-existing game. You fly a pink Pig through a Minecraft world, following a golden sprinkle stream, while guiding your pig through openings in barriers. The controls aren’t the worst, but visually the game is a disaster. It has this weird hectic stutter, with every flap of your pig wings. The game also includes equip-able weapons, though I never made it far enough to actually buy anything, but from what I can tell you’re able to shoot projectiles. Weapons would come in handy for the mines and enemies that try to attack you, but the game was literally making me nauseous from the stuttering.


3D Flying Bird:
OH BOY, first glance at this just gives me a headache. The camera angle is placed in such a terrible place, it’s quite surreal. Your 3D Flying bird looks drugged out, with it’s huge dilated pupils and he also wears a cool hat. It seems the hat is the real catch of this game, cause you can spend coins to buy different hats, though they change every time you die. The sound effects sound like they embedded the flap noise within the song itself, so they could cut corners with programming. The game also includes a 2d-mode, which is easier due to the lack of bad camera angle.

Clumsy Bird 3D

Clumsy Bird 3D:
The best looking game of the bunch is Clumsy Bird 3D, but what it has in looks it doesn’t in game-play. This time the camera is placed in a close-up third-person. Visually it seems like this would work but let me tell you IT DOES NOT. For the life of me, I cannot make it through more than two obstacles, let alone even one most times. Nothing is more frustrating than just almost making it, but getting caught within the lip of the pipe. Clumsy Bird 3D also features a 2D mode, but even from this angle the game STINKS.


Flippy Flappy:
As you start Flippy Flappy, you realize you are a yellow bird attempting to fly through Mario pipe barricades. A premise that is so simple and elegant, surely you will float through the air as light as a feather and chuckle with laughter as fun penetrates your soul. PLOT TWIST: THIS GAME STINKS. Stink Factor: Control is non-existent, pipes appear out of no where, hit detection designed by the devil, music is a bad-trip and this is the “lite” version. Yes, you can pay 1.19 for the FULL game (I wouldn’t recommend it).Overall, it’s amazing how such a simple concept can go wrong. Its literally a crime this is on the AppStore and a paid version of this exists. Are you up to experience Flippy Flappy?

P.S Never Playing another Flappy Bird Game EVER AGAIN.



Worst Flappy Bird Rip-off Marathon pt.2
  • Final Ratings:


- Worst 2d Flappy Bird Ripoff Winner: Flappy Eagle.

- Worst 3d Flappy Bird Ripoff Winner: Flippy Flappy



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