Flappy Bird Ripoffs Part 1 – Video & Review

After reviewing Crafty Steve, which was a Flappy Bird/ Mine Craft hybrid game for iOS, I’ve decided to go on a Flappy Bird Marathon. There are so many Flappy Bird games on the AppStore its insane, so I’ve hand-picked the ones I thought either looked bad or interesting. Instead of searching for the “Dream” Flappy Bird Ripoff I will be searching for the WORST FLAPPY BIRD RIPOFF:


Flappy Bird 64:
Being a child of the 90’s when I saw the title “Flappy Bird 64”, my eyes instantly lit-up. Unfortunately, I was let down only to find a even CHEAPER looking Flappy Bird. The game takes place in a purple future world and features a pop song/Mario remix and Mortal Kombat sfx. The game overall isn’t so bad, but it has one HUGE flaw: THE ADS KILL YOU. Yes, every time the bottom ad switches, it disables the controls for a split-second and the screen expands/contracts.


Flappy Bat Bird

Flappy Bat Bird:
Flappy Bat Bird, the game that decides when to kill you. Flap your way through openings with your “Flappy Bat Bird”, which feels like it weighs 1000-pounds, just be weary when the game decides to kill you. Yes, you will begin to hear the sound of your death before it happens, which then leads up to you dying, even if you didn’t hit the pipe.

Flappy Doge

Flappy Doge:
Not much to say about this one. You are a Doge flying past pipes as a Big Doge Moon glares from behind you. The game isn’t the worst, weirdest thing is the death noise (it sounds like a real dog getting hit).

Flying through the six

Flappy Ballers (Flying Through the Six):
Flappy Ballers Aka “Flying Through The Six” is a homage to modern hip-hop culture. You start the game as a flying Drake head, dodging stacks of sixes, whilst collecting coins. Hit a six, which leads to your death and hit the bomb button to launch your self across the screen to collect 2-3 extra coins. You can then spend your coin collection at the local shop to either get some power-ups or different Flappy Heads such as: P-Diddy and lil Wayne. THE GAME STINKS.

Flying Harry Styles

Flying Harry Styles:
Who doesn’t want to control a Harry Styles head with wings, collecting hearts to a rocking stock tune? Well, I don’t but then again I’m not a One Direction fan. Though, I feel even the most die-hard “Directioners” have the will power to pass this one up.

Flappy Bieber

Flappy Bieber:
The name spoils the surprise! You are a anime-style Kid Justin Bieber head, which feels heavy. Other than the Justin Bieber head the game features nothing else “Bieber” related (Not that I’m complaining). Overall, the game really doesn’t need to exist.

Flappy Yoga

Flappy Yoga:
Do you love yoga? Then this game isn’t the game for you! Right as you open the game you are bombarded with ADs, which manipulate you into clicking on them. Once you make it past the ads you find yourself listening to some stock mystical sounding music, controlling a lil’ flying woman in a yoga pose. You navigate your way collecting hearts, with a never-changing environment. Unfortunately, I’m making it sound better than it actually is.

MLG Flappy Bird 420

MLG Flappy Bird 420:
If Flappy Bird had a love affair with 4chan & had a baby it would birth this game! You flap your way through obstacles with a Heisenberg-Hat wearing Flappy Bird, with internet inspired quotes popping up here and there. Grab a illuminati eye, can of Mountain Dew and/or pot leaf to trigger a super-meme power-up! The sounds effects are loud and abrasive & the game is out of control….. ITS AWESOME.

Birds Craft

Birds Craft:
Yet, another Flappy Bird Mine Craft creation though, instead of having any mechanics or gameplay style of either game, we have a 2d side-scroller. You control a scary looking fish/bird, through a Sonic like world, stomping your way on Mine Craft-like enemies, whilst collecting coins. The controls are stiff as can be, the sound effects are a bit gross to my ears and overall it just sucks. Oh yeah, if you die you can get stuck within a non-closable ad. IT STINKS.

Flappy Eagle:
I vote this the WORST of the Flappy Bird Ripoff’s. The game starts with a boat-load of ads, as well with a nice goofy song. When you begin to play you’ll tap the screen only to find nothing is happening. Turns out you have to tap the eagle specifically, though you won’t find this a problem as long as the obstacles fail to appear. Yes, the obstacles sometimes don’t generate leaving you in a purgatory of looping adventure music. If the obstacles decide to showup, you’ll find yourself screaming at the game, cause you cannot make it past the first obstacle. Trying to control the eagle to fly through the middle of two obstacles feels impossible cause one tap has such a spike in the upward lift and as well as a spike downward when you don’t tap. This feeling of defeat is followed by ad pop-ups every time you die. All these flaws lets me safely declare it as the WORST.

Flappy Eagle

Keep Your Eyes out for Part 2, where I’ll be reviewing the 3D Flappy Bird Ripoff. HERE




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