Five of my Favorite iOS 9 Features on the iPhone & How-to Use Them


Favourite IOS 9 Features

Apple recently released their new iOS 9, which promises a surplus of new tricks and features to make your life better. For the average user some of these new features won’t even be noticed, due to their specific application. Having the chance to test out the newest iOS for a few days now, I’ve created a list of my Five Favorite iOS 9 Features on the iPhone .


Low Power Mode

Battery Saving – Low Power Mode:
Recently, I wrote a article giving tips on the best ways to save your iPhone Battery, but now with iOS 9 there is a single-button solution known as: Low Power Mode. Now when your battery hits 20% a additional button on the prompt will say “Low Power Mode”, which will darken your screen, turn off interface animations, turn off mail fetch and background app refresh will be disabled. To enable this feature Go < Settings < General < Battery and Hit the Low Power Mode switch. . You can also enable this on your 20% battery remaining prompt.


Public Transit Maps

Plan Your Route – Transit Directions in Maps:
Relying typically on third-party applications to plan any public transit trips, we now finally can use Maps to find route, schedule and transfers for your next car-less adventure. Though, this is limited thus far to the Greater Toronto Area in Canada and a few U.S cities, London, Berlin and China. I’m sure they will continuously update this.


Photo-Scroll Bar

Easier Photo Finding – Photo-Scrolling:
Swiping through 1000’s of photos and or looking at ant-sized thumbnails can be annoying. Now there is a photo-scroll bar on the bottom of your photo album. Super simple concept but highly effective.

Ios9 Wi-Fi Assistant

Wi-Fi Assistant

Bye-Bye Weak Wi-fi – Wi-Fi Assist:
Ever find yourself out and about continuously turning on and off your Wi-Fi, cause the signal is slower than your data? Well, now you can turn on Wi-Fi Assist to automatically switch back to Data if the Wi-Fi signal sucks. GO < Settings < Cellular and Scroll-down to the bottom and hit the Wi-Fi Assist Switch.

Where’s that setting? – Settings Search bar:
The struggle has always been real to navigate through the Settings to find that one option you seek to change. Luckily, now you can just start to type in what you are looking for in the Settings Search Bar and not only find what you’re looking for, but also the path to get there for next time you want to access that option. GO < Settings and at the top the search bar awaits!

Settings Search Bar

Settings Search Bar





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