Champion of the Drawing Apps for iPad – Procreate For iPad Review

Procreate Review

Procreate Review

One of most natural instincts for anyone holding an iPad is to draw and paint with the touch-screen. Adobe PhotoShop for iOS devices is more than underwhelming, especially compared to the full version found on desktops and laptops. Once you realize this the next question you ask is: what’s the best drawing apps for iPad? Most people with an iPad know the answer to this, but for those who don’t know it’s Procreate:

Drawing-Apps-for-iPad--Procreate Realistic Brushes

Realistic Brushes

– 120 different brushes, with 25 different customizations.
– Import and export custom made brushes.
– Realistic painting and pencil sketching.
– Canvas sizes up to 4k.
– Create multiple layers.
– 250 undo and redo’s (great for me!).
– 18 different layer blending modes (multiply, overlay, screen etc).
– 64-bit smudging for natural & smooth smudges.
– Continually auto-saves work.
– Quick gestures for undo, redo, copy, paste, etc.
– Auto-records video of your Drawing/Painting being made in 1080p. Great for YouTube.
– Various filters to apply to your layers like: Blur, Curves, Recolor, Sharpen, etc
– Transform tool for distorting, shearing and perspective.
– Compatible with fancy pressure sensitive Bluetooth stylus’s, also palm rejection.
ios9 updated and ready.



– Export to AirDrop, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
– 6.99 US Price-tag might scare some away, but its well worth it.
– If you don’t own a iPad Check out Procreate Pocket

– Crashes on older iPad (iPad 4 with retina) with layer heavy compositions(thank god for auto-save)

Drawing-Apps-for-iPad--Procreate Blending-modes are always a win

Drawing-Apps-for-iPad–Procreate Blending-modes are always a win

One of the first things I did when I got my iPad was hit up the AppStore to find a drawing app. Sure there were a lot of great free drawing apps, but I wanted one that was closer to the likes of Photoshop with: multiple layers, blend-modes, custom brushes and more. After testing out a few demos I found: Procreate, and I was not disappointed. The pencil and brushes are spot on realistic, I was totally blown away! The smudging tool is also just really fantastic, with its 64-bit depth to get silky smooth smudging and as well as being easy to control. I also love the 250 times you can undo or redo changes, which comes in handy (especially for me). There are really no major caveats with app, sure it crashes rarely, but then again what doesn’t crash on older iPads. I must admit I’m not a PRO artist but, its great to explore ideas, sketch and get creative by applying techniques with no physical penalties (like wasting paint or canvas.) Overall, Procreate is a app every iPad owner should have!

Whether you’re a amateur (like me) or a pro, Procreate is in my opinion the best of the drawing apps for iPad. It really is the closest thing to real life as digital art gets, its mobile and for the price it is quite the powerful tool. Its one of those “Must-have iPad apps”.



  • Final Rating:


- Canvas sizes up to 4k.
- 120 different brushes, with 25 different customizations.
- 6.99 US Price-tag might scare some away, but its well worth it.



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