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Trump Dump Review

The 2016 American Election has been quite the gong-show. What better way to bathe in the ridiculousness, than to play a game, where you navigate an eagle through wall-openings, only to defecate on one of the candidates? Ironically, it sounds like something that Donald Trump would make to smear the other candidates, but it actually comes from the opposing side (I’d assume). Trump Dump takes Flappy Bird, switches out the elements and rewards your skillful playing by having you drop Emjoi poopy’s on Mr.Trump. Obviously, this game can’t be good, so lets check it out:

Flappy Bird is the Donald Trump of Video Games.

Trump Dump ⁢
Trump Dump ⁢
Developer: daydream.⁢
Price: Free+
  • Trump Dump ⁢ Screenshot
  • Trump Dump ⁢ Screenshot
  • Trump Dump ⁢ Screenshot
  • Trump Dump ⁢ Screenshot

– It’s Free! (Only time & electricity are wasted).
– Poop on Mr.Trump (If that’s a thing you want to do?!)

– Works on level to level system, rather than continuous.
(Easier than Flappy Bird.)


– Pay $1.99 to remove Ads.
– Gravity pulls you up, rather than down.
(Where’s Neil Degrasse Tyson?)
– Pooping “reward” comes too instantly.
( At the end of every level, even the first level, which consists of one wall to dodge.)
– Only get to poop on Trump. (What about Hilary?)
– No music, just stock sound effects.

ME PERSONALLY:trump-dump-review
After seeing this app rank #2 on the Top-Free Apps, I knew I had to review it. I’d like to start off with letting you now that I’m not coming into this review with any political bias (I’m Canadian Eh?), my judgements are based solely on the game alone. With that out of the way, there’s not alot to talk about when it comes to ANY Flappy Bird Ripoffs. I’ve experienced my fair share of these due to my previous adventure to find the worst Flappy Bird game, check out: Flappy Bird Rip Offs Pt1 & Flappy Bird Rip Offs Pt2. I can say this isn’t the worst Flappy Bird game I’ve ever played, but there’s so many “Flappy Flavored” games, I could cry ( and will cry). You can actually Google: “Flappy Bird Code” and make your own Flappy Bird game (Please don’t). Even with the pre-designed code, the developers still didn’t do anything special. Once you play the first stage, which consists of one wall, the game rewards you with the final premise of the game (Poop on Trump). What its like to Poop on Trump? Well, it’s as exciting as tapping your screen, don’t tap too quick, cause you might skip it.



Me after playing this game.

This game was made to use the HYPE of the election to pump-out a quick, unoriginal, semi-controversial game that is monetized with Ads, making the developers a BUCK off your curiosity. They probably just Googled “Flappy Bird Code”, switched out the sprites and watched the money flow.IT STINKS, but you knew that already….

Trump Dump ⁢
Trump Dump ⁢
Developer: daydream.⁢
Price: Free+
  • Trump Dump ⁢ Screenshot
  • Trump Dump ⁢ Screenshot
  • Trump Dump ⁢ Screenshot
  • Trump Dump ⁢ Screenshot

More on TRUMP:



Trump Dump Review.
  • Final Rating:


- It's Free.
- It's Flappy Bird.
- It STINKS (Literally and Figuratively).



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