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Finding good photo-effects can be tough, especially when there’s a sea of cheesy/gimmicky photo apps out there. However, if you can dive deep enough into the AppStore you can find a gem like: Trigraphy. Developed by Nixes, Trigraphy takes photo-effects and design seriously, promising to turn your photos into legitimate digital art. Not only does Trigraphy look nice, but it provides you with all the tools you need to create interesting images. Lets take a look at Trigraphy:

From Photo to A Unique Piece of Digital Art…

It’s FREE!
– Well designed user-interface and branding. (Looks and feels legit)
– Comes with FOUR effects, each have two different adjustable/customizable variants. ( Effects within the Effects! Makes each effect have a lot of depth)
– Mixing/Blending Modes to blend the effect into your photo. (Multiply, Darken, Lighten, Screen, Overlay, Soft-light and Hard-light.)
– MASKING allows you to remove the effect from certain areas of your photo. Plus, the mask is a separate from the effect, so you can mask then adjust your effects without having to re-mask.
– 20+ textures to add on-top of the photo-effect.
( Paper texture, cracked texture, etc.)
– Color-filters and adjustments to add on-top of your photo (Contrast, sharpness, etc)
– Flatten the final-image to add an additional layer of effects.
– The input image’s quality doesn’t effect the final result quality. (Import low-res image, create a high-res piece of art!)
– Each effect is SHUFFLE-ABLE (Great for discovering a look and then altering it to perfection.)
– Tweet about the App to Unlock one of the purchasable effects!
– Export up to 2560px.
– Feature Feed, includes: Other creations made with the app and tutorials.


– Export directly to: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest.
– Buy additional effects from $0.99 to $1.99 (Reasonable for how far you can go with them. Effects Bundle: $5.99)

– 4K Export Costs: $3.99 USD!

When I came across Trigraphy on the AppStore I was hesitant, cause it seemed too good to be true. A free photo app that is well-designed and has good sample images? This never happens, till: Trigraphy. I love the flexibility of this app, whether I want subtle effects or if I want to go completely abstract, I can do it both. Trigraphy is now apart of my creative tool-set.

Trigraphy is a legit photo-effect app that can transform your photos into brand-new works of digital art. Each effect is highly customizable, which leads to tons of creative depth. PLUS, it includes all the tools you need to make wicked images. AND, IT’S FREE! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Here’s What I Created Using Trigraphy:


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Trigraphy App Review
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