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The KIMOJI App launched on the App Store December 21 2015, causing the App Store to temporarily crash. This was due to the rush of Kim Kardashian fans flooding the App Store, with speeds up to 9000 downloads per millisecond! With such an enormous amount of people mindlessly downloading the app, the disappointment was soon recognized and the App Store Review Section began to flood with negative reviews. What makes this narcissistic cash-grab so terrible? Lets take a look:

KIMOJI isn’t very “MOJI”

Price: $2.99
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KIMOJI Run-down (What You Get):
– Kim Kardashian: Faces (Emoji inspired), hair-styles, bikini, boobs, butts and stripping/dancing GIFS.
– Pop-Culture References: hand-signs, food, alcohol, drugs, animals, cars and other various objects.
– Speech bubbles that say things like: bae, lit, boss, thot, basic and more.
– Candy-hearts that say things like: creepy, pull out, just the tip, ratchet and more.



– 250+ Kimoji’s to choose from.(Even some animated GIFs)
– KIMOJI’s are randomly added via updates.
– The ridiculousness is a tad funny.

kim kardashian

– Triggering the KIMOJI Keyboard is buggy and clunky.
(Hit the globe icon, which takes you to EMOJI’s, hit ABC to get KIMOJI’s)
– Awkwardly sized. (Much bigger than text & pixelating in certain text-boxes.)
– The KIMOJI’s are literally image files rather than text.(Message is sent as Image: Attachment)
– KIMOJI’s don’t work inside sentences, cause they are consider images rather than text.
– Can’t use in text-boxes don’t allow you to paste images. (ex: Social Media Status & Instagram)
– You have to allow FULL ACCESS to KIMOJI Keyboards! By allowing FULL ACCESS the keyboard can transmit everything you type with the app, to the developers. This can include personal information such as: credit card numbers.


It’s obvious that I don’t fit within the demographic of this app, but sending a text with Kim Kardashian dancing on a stripper-pole could be funny & something of mild value. This was my mindset upon purchasing the KIMOJI App, thinking these emoticons would work similar to Emoji’s. Instead, it’s a clunky keyboard, with copy and paste images of Kim Kardashian and other pop-culture references. My first issue with this app was having to enable Full Access to some Third-party developers to be able to use the keyboard. This allows the keyboard to transmit anything typed into it to the developers, which is a bit unsettling. The idea becomes even more bothersome once you realize you PAID MONEY to possibly provide personal information to a random company. If you can get past that, you are then pleasantly disappointed to find out that the app doesn’t work like EMOJI’s at all, but instead a keyboard with copy and paste images. The issue with this is that there’s plenty of situations where you can’t copy and paste images into text-boxes. Plus, instead of the KIMOJI being part of a sentence it’s considered an image attachment, so it might as well be random pictures from Google Image Search. The KIMOJI’s themselves mostly borrow from EMOJI and feature some adult-oriented images. The only is some of the strange KIMOJI’s like: creepy naked pregnant Kim Kardashian and bad 3d-rendered dancing Kim Kardashian. Overall, I wish I could get my $1.99 back.


KIMOJI’s are less like EMOJI’s and more like a collection of Kim Kardashian images that are copied, pasted and then sent as photo-messages. This limits the use of the KIMOJI’s to only text-boxes that allow pasted images and doesn’t allow the KIMOJI’s to be used within a sentence, but instead as an attachment. Sure, you get 250+ images of the beloved Kim Kardashian and other pop-culture references, but is it really worth spending $1.99 to give the developers FULL ACCESS to transmit the information you type into the KIMOJI Keyboard? NO!


Price: $2.99
  • KIMOJI Screenshot
  • KIMOJI Screenshot
  • KIMOJI Screenshot
  • KIMOJI Screenshot



  • Final Rating:


Cost: $1.99 USD ($2.29 CAD)
- 250+ KIMOJI's
- Clunky and glitchy.
- Work as Image:Attachments, rather than EMOJI's



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