Composite Geometric Shapes, Textures & Patterns Into Your Photos – Tangent App Review

Looking to enhance your Instagram or Tumblr Photos? Here’s an app that allows you to composite cool, geometric shapes into your photographs. Developed by Pixite, the same creators of the LoryStripes App (Full Review Here). Tangent is a creative app that not only allows you to composite different geometric shapes into your photographs, but allows you to use different mixing-modes to implement in patterns and colors for ultimate customization.

26 Geometric shapes.
22 Background-Patterns.
350 Different possible combinations of mixing-modes and colors.
– EASY to use: Choose your Geometric Shape, adjust the position, size and rotation with the touch-controls, choose to have the shape inversed, choose a pattern for the shape or inverse, have the shape or pattern take on a specific color and choose your mixing-mode.. BOOM EXPORT!
– Everything can be inversed and customized with the different options and opacity/color sliders.
– Preset looks to help inspire and reconfigure into your own photos.
– Retangent to add more shapes and effects onto your current edit.

– Buy additional patterns and geometric shapes. (All packs for $3.99 or individuals for $1.39, which do have better designed objects.)
– Export directly to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
– Export to the other Pixite Photo-editing Apps.


– Can’t create your own designs or patterns, its all preset packs.
– No perspective rotation of shapes/patterns.
– Can’t import videos.
– Can’t Mask the shapes or patterns. (If you want part of the geometric shape to look like it’s behind a foreground element, you’re out of luck!)

Me Personally:
My first impressions of Tangent was that it is super simple to use and understand. It does come with the original 26 geometric shapes/22 patterns, but once you look at the additional shapes/patterns of the in-app purchases you realize that’s where all the good designs are. One of the biggest bummers of this app is the fact there is no masking, which is something pretty much all the Pixite Photo-editing apps have (LoryStripes). This is stinks, cause you can only have the shapes/patterns plopped onto the image, rather than having it embedded within the elements of the photo. If you are wiling to buy the additional purchases this app can be a fun and useful tool to spicing up any image!

Tangent is a cool app that allows you to easily implement different designs into your photos without any prior expertise or knowledge. There are a few draw-backs like: having no masking ability and also having all the best designs as additional in-app purchases, though if you aren’t too picky you can easily make use of what the app comes with already. If you want to make gnarly designer-type photos, I’d say check it out!

Results, with some additional photo-editing:






  • Final Rating:


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