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Swype Keyboard Review 0

Barely Lift A Finger – Swype Keyboard Review

At this point in time, on-screen touch-keyboards have become a sacred part of any mobile device, but what if there was a better way to send a pointless text-message? Swype is a third-party on-screen...

ft-Craftysteve-review 0

Flappy Bird, Minecraft? – Crafty Steve Review

Oh dear…Remember Flappy Bird, that one week of fame Appstore game that made developer Dong Nguyen $50,000 dollars per day from in-app advertisements, until removing it from the Appstore? Do you also remember it...

Happy Wheels Feature 0

Chaos Gone Mobile! – Happy Wheels App Review

Ever since its initial release in June 4, 2010, Happy Wheels has been not only your average browser flash game, but a community driven slice of internet culture. Developers Jason Schymick & Jim Bonacci,...