Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies iOS Review


Zombie-Mode was a HIT when it came out on the console versions of Call of Duty: World At War. Activision took the famous zombie-mode and adapted it for iOS devices (Review Here) and it was a surprisingly strong port of the fast-paced zombie-slaying goodness found on the superior console versions. When Call of Duty: Black Ops came out they included an updated zombie-mode within the game, which featured: new maps, weapons, perks, etc. They took this new zombie-mode and ported to iOS devices with all the goodies packaging it as a standalone game like they did with Call Of Duty: World at War Zombie-Mode. How does this compare to it’s predecessor? Let’s Take a look at Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies for iOS:

GAMECEPTION: A Game Within The Game!

– Graphics look really great. (Huge Improvement from World at War. Call of Duty: Zombies)
– Runs Smooth, with zero lag! (Playing on iPhone 6).
– Includes all the different weapons, perks and zombies that are found in the console versions.(Even the HELL HOUNDS!)
– Great Comic-Book Design for the menus. (Overall Presentation is nice.)
– Three HUGE Maps/Levels to survive in.(Kino, Ascension & Call Of The Dead)
– Co-Op Multiplayer: Play Online or Local Wi-Fi.
– Adjustable graphic settings. (Bump them down for older iOS devices.)
– Find Four Hidden Coins to Unlock: A GAME WITHIN THE GAME: Dead-Ops Arcade, which is a top-down, two-stick shooter.
(Survive hoards of zombies whilst collecting power-ups and advancing up-to 50-levels!)
– Four different characters to play as. (Only thing that changes is their voice-clips when playing.)
– Gain XP after each round to level up your character. (Still haven’t figured out if this does anything.)
– Three different touch-control layouts (tilt, touch & dual-stick) & Auto-Aim. (Helps ALOT)



– Pricey: $6.99 USD Price-Tag ($9.99 Canadian Dollars).
– Buy COD POINTS with real money.( Use COD Points to buy weapons, open areas and obtain perks, though you don’t need to.)


– No Quick-Turn. (Can lead to death when you need to turn around quick during high-action moments.)
– No MFi controller compatibility.
– Online Multiplayer is a ghost-town.


Having recently played and reviewed Call Of Duty: World At War Zombies iOS (Here), I can easily say this game is far more superior. Sure, it may cost a bit more than the World at War version, but the price difference is justifiable. The overall presentation of Black Ops is great, with Comic-book style menus, multiple characters and upgraded graphics. The maps/level have much better lay-outs than the ones in World at War, with each map having a huge areas to explore and having variation within each room. The zombies and gameplay feel much more accelerated as well, which brings it closer to the console experience. Killing Zombies and surviving is great even with the touch-screen controls, though you can still trip-up due to no quick-turns (BOO). One of my favorite features of this game is the Dead-Ops mode, which could be a stand-alone game within itself, yet you get it for free in this game. The Dead-ops Arcade is a 50-level two-stick shooter similar to games like: Smash TV or Dead Nation. You unlock the Dead-ops Arcade by finding coins hidden within the comic-book menus. You can easily justify the extra cost of this game by the Dead-Ops Arcade, but it’s just a bonus on-top of some good ol’ FPS zombie-slaying. Overall, I had tons of fun with this game, sure it’s price is high for an iOS app, but if you can catch it on sale (like I did) then definitely pick it up!


Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies shows off the potential of gaming on iOS devices with amazing graphics, smooth first-person-shooter gameplay and online multiplayer. Sometimes, the controls can be blamed for why you died, but for the most part you can adapt to the touch-controls. The price-tag is a bit on the higher side of iOS apps, but you do get a really well put-together package that includes another FULL Standalone Game (Dead-Ops Arcade) within the game! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!




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