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Flappy Bird, Minecraft? – Crafty Steve Review

Oh dear…Remember Flappy Bird, that one week of fame Appstore game that made developer Dong Nguyen $50,000 dollars per day from in-app advertisements, until removing it from the Appstore? Do you also remember it...

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Bloatware Apps !- How to Remove the Apple Watch App

Apple released its iOS 8.2 update March 5th 2015. Upon several improvements to the software,a new bloatware style app was added for the upcoming release of the Apple Watch. Of course I’m talking about...

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Chaos Gone Mobile! – Happy Wheels App Review

Ever since its initial release in June 4, 2010, Happy Wheels has been not only your average browser flash game, but a community driven slice of internet culture. Developers Jason Schymick & Jim Bonacci,...

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Never too late to learn – How to Delete An App

The other day my father was using his Ipad Mini that my siblings and I bought him for Christmas.I peered over his shoulder to see the insane amount of apps that covered his screen....