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Coding Classes On-The-Go! – Lrn Review

Programming languages can be quite daunting to jump into and begin learning. There are plenty of resources, from books to online classes to throw your money at, but lack interactivity and mobility. Lrn, for...

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An Endless Ghost Consumption Maze – Pac-Man 256 Review

Pac-Man has been munching on pac-dots, power-pellets, fruit and ghosts, since the Wooden-Panel Arcade Machine. The simplicity of Pac-Man’s game-play allows him to transcend through history, popping-up literally on every possible video-game-playing device. Pac-Man...

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The BEST Alarm Clock App – Sleep Cycle Review

Waking-up from a goodnight’s rest can be a grueling process. While, you may have had a solid eight hours sleep, waking-up feeling refreshed will usually depend on whether you’re in a light or deep...