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The increasing power of our mobile devices never cease to amaze me, especially when it comes any type of 3d rendering. This kind of software would previously be very pricey and left to experts with beefy desktop computers. Now, we are seeing more and more user-friendly options pop-up for people looking to get creative on-the-go. Matter by Pixite LLC, is an interactive and creative 3d app, which comes from the same creators as LoryStripes (Review Here) and Tangent (Review Here). It allows users to composite 3d objects right into their photos without any slow-down or long render times. As a matter of fact, it can do all this in real-time and all you have to use is your fingers!


Easily Render 3D Objects Into Your Photos!

– Drag, rotate and scale objects to place them exactly where you desire.
– Comes with four pre-installed object packs. You can also download
the Epic-Alphabet bundle for FREE!
– Eleven different object styles.
( Reflective, Refractive, Solid, Wire-frame, etc )
– Make the object any color with the colorize option.
– Adjust your light-source and shadows by simply dragging the shadow to match your scene.
– Toggle shadows on and off, as well as adjust the shadow floor,
opacity and blurriness.
– Import your own custom .OBJ files!bigbestapps-matter-ios-3d-objects-2
– Bring your images to life with the video export mode, which creates an animated, looping video of the object hovering, pulsing and spinning in all three axes ( x,y,z )! You can also import music and have the object react to the beat of your music ( AMAZING )!
– Masking tool helps further embed objects and shadows into your photos. Includes a soft, hard and square brush. Also, users can toggle the visibility of the mask ( provides a red overlay ).
– Auto-saves unfinished edits, so you can pick-up where you left-off.
– Export high-res photos and video.

– Purchase additional 3d Objects and designs. (Master pack: $2.99)

– No blur or grain tool for the 3d objects.

I ended up purchasing Matter as a part of the Pixite creative bundle and I’d have to say it’s easily my favorite app out of the whole bundle. The ability to be able to adjust the 3d objects with no slow-down or render time is really amazing, especially due to the fact it’s on your iPhone! Matter provides plenty of options when it comes to customizing the 3d object to work with your image with it’s eleven different materials/object styles and colorize options. This leaves you with a lot of creative freedom and endless possibilities. The 3d objects consist of some really rad designs, even if you don’t purchase the additional bundles. My favorite feature is the video export mode, which within itself pays for the app. I’ve created tons of cool GIFS for my Tumblr blogs and Instagram using this app. I really cannot praise this app enough and they aren’t even paying me to do so!






Matter for iOS is a powerful tool for compositing 3d Objects directly into any image of your choosing. It provides all the tools necessary to get the job done and does all this in real-time! If you’re looking to make some surreal images and video, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP!



Matter iOS Review
  • Final Rating:


- Composite 3d objects directly into your photos.
- Bring your photos to life with the video export feature.
- Export high-res photos and videos.
- Import custom .OBJ files!



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